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Hardware/Software Combo Lets Sensors Plug-And-Play Wirelessly Over The 'Net

Said to represent the first sensor system architecture to tap the emerging Bluetooth wireless communications technology, the CrossNet architecture allows a PDA or computer to instantaneously gather data from dozens, even hundreds, of sensors arrayed in buildings, vehicles and other industrial and commercial settings. It permits users to identify, reconfigure, activate, or deactivate any sensor in the network. And if the PDA or computer is Internet-enabled, the monitoring and control activities can be handled via the net. CrossNet consists of nodes, I/O and software. The compact, 3.5" x 2.5" x 0.75" CrossNet nodes are designed to control and monitor up to four sensors, with each node containing a wireless Bluetooth radio capable of transmitting and receiving data or commands over a distance of 10 meters (100 meters optional) with a PC or PDA. Based on the IEEE 1451 TEDS standard, the Smart I/O (SI/O) connects individual sensors to a node. After a sensor has been configured with SI/O, the node can automatically detect its type, determine its useable range, and more. The software serves to let PCs or PDAs gather data from and transmit commands to and from the nodes. Prices: $1895 each for CrossNet nodes and $95 each for SI/Os.

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