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Hardware/Software Turns Portable PCs Into DAQ Systems

The DATAQ CF2 is billed as the market's first universal virtual instrument package and data acquisition (DAQ) system designed for handheld, tablet and laptop PCs with Windows CE, Pocket PC, and Winx test panel software. The hardware/software combo consists of a 24-bit compact flash DAQ card with 32 KB of RAM and Pocket PC test panel software to acquire, analyze, store and view data. The software allows pocket PCs or laptops to be used as full-function data loggers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, and a variety of other instruments. Features include six software-configurable channels that can be used for various combined functions in most custom applications. In addition, all data can be imported into data assembly applications, such as Excel and Access. An evaluation kit is available for $789. ANALOG & DIGITAL PERIPHERALS INC., Troy, OH. (937) 339-2241.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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