High-Res PCIe Cards Deliver Cost-Effective Data Acquisition

High-Res PCIe Cards Deliver Cost-Effective Data Acquisition

Despite the lower cost, the TPCE-LE PCI Express (PCIe) waveform-digitizing cards bring accelerate the acquisition the waveform data with 14- and 16-bit resolution as well as increased precision (0.03% of FSR, typical). Features include advanced trigger modes, continuous data-acquisition mode, single-ended and differential inputs (four or eight channels), digital input lines, and ICP coupling for powering piezo sensors. They enable development of scalable systems that can be expanded to meet escalating data-acquisition requirements. The recorders maintain a sampling rate of up to 240 Msamples/s per channel, and integrate up to 1 Gbyte of memory (128 Msamples per channel). Input channels can be individually triggered. Each board comes with the TranAX-LE operating and analysis software; LabVIEW Instrument driver, C++/C#, and IVI scope class driver. The modules can be housed in any existing TraNET system. Applications include education and research programs, ballistics and explosive tests, acoustic emissions, ultrasonic testing, and structural soundness testing, power conversion, renewable power research, and variable frequency drives. Pricing for individual modules starts at $3400.


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