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Hitachi Picks ADI’s Advantiv TV ICs

Hitachi Ltd. has selected Analog Devices Inc.’s Advantiv advanced television ICs to drive wireless functionality, flexibility, and seamless high-definition connectivity in Hitachi’s TP-WL700H consumer wireless transmission hub. The hub employs three Advantiv ICs to provide enhanced HD video compression, decompression, and transmission technology.

Available exclusively in Japan, the TP-WL700H is a stand-alone device that is designed specifically to deliver HD entertainment content wirelessly to Hitachi’s Wooo UT LCD-TV models, eliminating the expense and hassles of cables. Analog Devices’ ADV216 Wavescale compression-technology video CODEC is a key enabler of high-quality, wireless HD video. The CODEC’s low latency and scalable resolution requires no external memory. The ADV7441A video decoder with integrated HDMI receiver and the AD9389B HDMI and DVI (digital visual interface) transmitter enable Hitachi’s wireless unit to support HDTV formats up to 1080i in addition to high-fidelity audio formats.

“As demand for wireless digital entertainment increases, ADI’s signal processing technology plays an important role in helping Hitachi realize many of its pioneering ideas,” said Bill Bucklen, director, Advanced Television Segment, Analog Devices. “ADI’s broad portfolio of audio and video signal processing solutions helped Hitachi deliver a compelling HD viewing experience for their Wooo UT LCD-TV customers.”


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