Home-Network Remote-Access Appliance Simply Connects To Router

Home-Network Remote-Access Appliance Simply Connects To Router

A new crowd-funded Indiegogo project called the “Nabto-box” leverages the open-source FreeRTOS system and the same peer-to-peer technology as Skype to enable all home-network gadgets to become part of a secure Internet of Things (IoT). Users need only plug the Nabto-box into their home router to access, view status, control, and stream data from their networked devices, such as thermostats, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and lawn-irrigation systems, even if the devices don’t incorporate a remote connection option. FreeRTOS enables a self-contained VPN-in-a-box that runs on a small, low-cost microcontroller; self-contained hardware runs FreeRTOS+Nabto. Thus, it doesn’t use a dynamic IP service, and doesn’t require a firewall router port configuration. With the lightweight FreeRTOS real-time operating system, the box can run software that performs several networking functions. For instance, it can service an IP stack with communication originating from both the local network and the Internet, and securely pass packets between the two. In addition, it periodically contacts the cloud-hosted basestation, which is responsible for initiating peer-to-peer connections. FreeRTOS also ensures the encryption of all communication. For more information on the Indiegogo project, go here



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