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Hot-Swap Interface Is PCI-X-Compliant

With its automated PCI-X initialization process, the PCIBX series can eliminate many of the problems associated with hot-swapping on a multi-speed PCI-X bus. Supporting hot-swapping of 32- and 64-bit add-in cards in both PCI and PCI-X systems, PCIBX cards perform PCI-X system protocol initialization that automatically define how the PCI-X signal is handled upon power-up of UUTs. This process enables users to define PCI-X speeds with an operational setting of 66 MHz, or allows the UUT to determine the speed setting of the active PCI-X bus. This combination of capabilities allows users to swap PCI and PCI-X add-in cards without rebooting the system, then tests all aspects of operation on a number of different platforms. The ability to swap UUT cards frequently with no signaling limitations and no power cycling can expedite the development phase and streamline production testing. In addition to hot-swapping capabilities, PCIBX cards can perform automated measurements of bus frequency and various electrical characteristics using their extensive control software GUI. Pricing starts at $475 for the PCIBX64 and $345 for the PCIBX32. CATALYST ENTERPRISES INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 365-3846.


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