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IC For Full HD H.264 Video Compression Includes Embedded Memory

The MB86H51 integrated video processing device from Fujitsu Microelectronics America is the industry’s first single-chip solution for full HD H.264 High-Profile version 4.0 video processing that incorporates embedded memory, according to the company. The device compresses and decompresses full high-definition video (1920 dots by 1080 lines) in real time using the H.264 format. It also compresses and decompresses audio in real time by using formats such as the MPEG-1 Audio Layer.

The MB86H51 contains two blocks of 256-Mbit memory (FCRAM) in a package only 15 mm² and consuming just 750 mW. A proprietary algorithm developed by Fujitsu Laboratories automatically applies less compression to areas in the image where compression artifacts are most noticeable to human vision, such as human faces or slow-moving objects, and increased compression to other areas. The effect is to maximize image quality for the critical zones. This feature also makes it possible to reduce image size to between one-half and one-third the size of the MPEG-2 format with an equivalent level of image quality.

Samples of the MB86H51 are available now in a 650-pin fine-pitch ball-grid array (FBGA) package. Sample price is $290. For more information, go to www.fujitsu.com.

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