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ICE System Provides Full-Speed, Low-Voltage Emulation

Offering advanced features, the MPLAB In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) 4000 system works for the high-end PIC18F PICmicro microcontrollers and dsPIC digital signal controller devices. MPLAB 4000 is a modular system that consists of an emulator pod, a processor module, a device adapter, and a transition socket. The lightweight MPLAB 4000 offers real-time in-circuit emulation and low-voltage emulation down to 1.8 V. Features include a 64-kbit deep by 216-bit wide trace memory and up to a 2-Mbyte overlay memory. Also included are a 48-bit time stamp, a stopwatch, and unlimited breakpoints. The unit, which includes a USB interface, is parallel-interface ready. The MPLAB ICE 4000 supports code coverage profiling on program memory accesses. The emulator system runs on the Windows-based MPLAB integrated development environment (IDE), with the capability to edit, compile, and emulate from a single application. Available now, the MPLAB ICE 4000 Emulator Kit is priced at $2560.

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