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IDE Provides Low-Cost, Industrial-Grade Development Tools

Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, CA. - Embarking as a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for embedded systems, BenchX addresses the need for low-cost, industrial-grade software development tools. An Eclipse Europa CDT Release (4.0)-based platform, the IDE targets developers using the ARM, ColdFire architecture, Power Architecture technology, or MIPS architectures. The IDE contains a complete Windows graphical IDE, project builder with project wizard, language-sensitive editor and code browser, GNU C/C++ compilers, GDB debugger with graphical interface, target instruction set simulator, user tutorials, and a target connectivity hardware probe. Additionally, there are no license keys. BenchX is available for order now with initial production deliveries set for May 15. Licenses are priced from $1,000 per seat, including debug probe, documentation, and three months of technical support.

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