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IEEE-1394 Analyzer Is Four Development Tools In One

Both USB and IEEE-1394 can be used for devices which need to transfer large amounts data. Key features of these emerging busses include plug-and-play capability, transfer speeds up to 400 Mbps, optional power supply via the bus, and the smooth interplay of a number of devices attached. In order to meet these requirements, sophisticated analysis tools are a must.
FireSpy400 combines four devices in a single unit: analyzer, generator, monitor and commander. In addition to the precise protocol analysis of an IEEE-1394-based system at package or transaction level, the device's Phy registers or memory addresses can be analyzed. Also, asynchronous or isochronous packaged may be created.
USB Agent is an efficient USB and protocol analyzer that non-intrusively records all USB traffic either at low or full speed. Both development tools are touted as easy to use and come with a host of usable features. Pricing for the tools is $3,500 each.


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