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IEEE-488 Controllers Interface To USB And PCMCIA

Targeting IEEE-488 USB and PCMCIA applications, the USB-488 and PCMCIA-488 controllers boast of high performance at a low cost. The USB-488 is a compact, full-function IEEE-488.2 controller that can be used with any Windows computer with a USB port, while the PCMCIA-488 provides an interface for laptop and notebook computers with a PC Card slot. Both controllers are plug and play, and can control up to 14 programmable IEEE 488, GPIB, and HP-IB instruments. Driver software for both controllers includes compatibility applications that allow drop-in compatibility with third-party applications written for GPIB controllers. Single-unit prices for the USB-488 and PCMCIA-488 are $495 and $595, respectively. CAPITAL EQUIPMENT CORP., Bedford, NH. (800) 234-4232.


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