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IEEE 802.15.3-Compatible Radio System Debuts

High-speed wireless-personal-area-network (WPAN) designs have received a boost from the Transpairent Radio development system. This new technology takes advantage of the IEEE 802.15.3 standard. In doing so, it allows consumers to run multimedia applications, such as streaming video and audio, over a wireless network at speeds of up to 55 Mbps.

This radio module is one of the first IEEE 802.15.3-compatible radio-transceiver systems to hit the market. Interested consumer-electronics manufacturers will be able to use the system within a wide range of devices, including residential gateways, DVD players, TVs, set-top boxes, audio systems, digital still cameras, and digital camcorders. In addition to high data rates and ad-hoc networks, it boasts guaranteed quality of service (QoS), battery friendliness, and low cost. These features are all prerequisite requirements for portable and stationary multimedia devices.

The Transpairent Radio module consists of an RF and digital/baseband IC. It also has all of the external components that are needed to implement a standardized IEEE 802.15.3-compatible radio-transceiver system. The module supports advanced power-management features. In addition, it transmits data to up to 100 m. The module also provides network connectivity without requiring user configuration. Presently, the company is selling evaluation kits based on field-programmable logic arrays to manufacturers. They can be used to conduct tests with various consumer-electronics products.

Appairent Technologies, Inc.
150 Lucius Gordon Dr., West Henrietta, NY 14586; (585) 214-2460, FAX: (585) 214-2461, www.appairent.com.

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