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Imaging Tools Now Work With Wider Range Of Cameras

Image Acquisition Toolbox 2 from The MathWorks is an upgraded product that now supports QImaging and Hamamatsu cameras used in fields such as fluorescence microscopy and particle image velocimetry. Image Acquisition Toolbox allows users with PC-compatible imaging hardware to capture images and video into MATLAB and Simulink for iterative image acquisition, processing, and analysis. The new version lets a broader class of engineers and scientists create customized imaging applications for embedded systems and scientific research.

The toolbox provides functions for automatically detecting hardware, configuring hardware properties, and previewing an acquisition. In addition to Hamamatsu and QImaging, the toolbox supports hardware vendors DALSA (formerly Coreco), Data Translation, and Matrox Imaging. Combined with MATLAB and Image Processing Toolbox, Image Acquisition Toolbox lets users visualize data, develop unique processing algorithms and analysis techniques, and create graphical user interfaces. By using these products with MATLAB Compiler, they can turn their work into self-contained applications that run independently of MATLAB.


Image Acquisition Toolbox 2 is available immediately for Microsoft Windows.


Commercial U.S. list prices start at $900.


Visit www.mathworks.com/products/imaq.

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