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InfiniBand Busting Bandwidth

Do you need to move data around a cluster of processor blades quickly? Then check out InfiniBand. Mellanox shipped its double-data-rate (DDR) InfiniScale III 24-port, single-chip switch that supports a 20-Gbit/s transfer rate. The chip features an aggregate throughput in the terabit/s range, exceeding other technologies in performance while keepingcosts, processor overhead, and latency extremely low. The matching InfiniHost III host channel adapter draws only 3.3 W while pushing data around at 20 Gbits/s. Mellanox's Mem-Free technology eliminates the need for dedicated, external memory while taking advantage of PCI Express host links. Now that the products are catching up with the hype, there's significantly more interest in this mature technology. www.mellanox.com

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