Intel Verifies Fanless NUC System To 50°C

Intel Verifies Fanless NUC System To 50°C

After extensive thermal testing by Intel, Logic Supply’s ML300 fanless next unit of computing (NUC) maintained performance in ambient temperature over 30°C. Standard configuration reached 40°C, and when adding Logic Supply’s wide-temperature components, the computer was verified for 50°C without CPU shutdown, Wi-Fi failure, or data corruption. The fanless and ventless NUC system, measuring 196 by 37 by 131 mm, protects against dust, metal shavings, and other debris in industrial applications. Its one-piece extruded aluminum lid creates a single-interface heatsink, optimizing heat transfer and improving cooling performance. Additional heatsinks optimize reliability for storage and Wi-Fi.  The reconfigurable ML300 features an expansion bay to support industrial I/O. Three screws allow for easy access to internal components, and an EMI gasket reduces risk of electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference.


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