Electronic Design

Interface Transceivers Form Tiny 3.3-V Serial Ports

The LTC2846/LTC2844 interface transceivers comprise a miniature 3.3-V multiprotocol serial port for local-area networking (LAN) and wide-area networking (WAN) equipment with remote access ports. Operating from a single 3.3-V supply, the two-chip design includes configurable transceivers for data and clock signals with on-chip switchable termination resistor networks and transceivers for control signals. All can be configured for RS232, RS449, EIA-530, EIA-530-A, V.35, V.36, and X.21 protocols. DTE or DCE configurations of any of the protocols can be selected with three-mode selection pins. The LTC2846 contains three configurable drivers and receivers for the data and clock signals, integrated cable termination, and power-supply circuitry to enable single 3.3-V supply operation. The LTC2844 contains four configurable drivers and receivers for the control signals, including the optional local loopback test signal. The LTC2845 control signal transceiver, complete with five drivers and receivers, can replace the LTC2844 to add remote loopback and test mode signals. The LTC2846 and LTC2845 come in a 36-lead SSOP package. The LTC2844 is offered in the 28-lead SSOP package. Pricing for the LTC2846/LTC2844 chip set starts at $16.85 for 10,000-unit quantities.

Linear Technology Corp.
www.linear.com; (408) 432-1900

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