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Internet DVP Enlists Powerful Multi-Format Source Decoder

Digital video player (DVP) manufacturer Roku has opted for NXP’s PNX8935 multi-format source decoder in its products. The DVP allows instant streaming access to over 40,000 movies including many new releases, and commercial-free TV shows from Amazon Video On Demand.

Targeting low-cost, high-performance HD IPTV set-top boxes, the PNX8935 supports the latest high-definition video standards including MPEG-4 AVC (h.264) and VC-1. The Roku player’s simple interface and setup process forecasts hassle-free entertainment for media access and allows users to instantly decode standard- and high-definition content, according to the company. The multi-format source decoder combines a MIPS application processor with a dedicated audio processor and a multi-standard video decoder.

The Roku digital video player based on the NXP PNX8935 is available now. Price is $99 each.



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