Electronic Design

Introducing the New ElectronicDesign.com

In development for eighteen months and the result of input from web design experts, our engineering audience and feedback from advertisers, the new electronicdesign.com is a leap forward in usability for design engineers and results for advertisers. Representing a fundamental change to our publishing model, the new electronicdesign.com is not just print content on a computer screen; it’s about serving our audience using all the web can offer.

Redesigned to reflect the way our design engineering audience works online, the new electronicdesign.com is organized around content, not print magazine departments. Following a “web first” model, the content is presented in a way that allows the audience to explore information across media such as video, articles or the Design Center. The editorial staff has been trained how to write for the web, ensuring that content is optimized for the search engines that increase traffic to electronicdesign.com.

Some key highlights of the new electronicdesign.com:

  • More premium ad positions and simplified ad units
  • Targeted CPM advertising
    • Contextual banner advertising against specific Channels
    • Enhanced ease of use
      • Clean design, clear fonts and neutral colors improve the visitor experience
      • Improved search
      • Easier site navigation
        • Channel pages clearly organized by subject matter
        • Site registration
          • Registered users can create a profile and save their favorite articles and videos to the profile page for easy reference and participate in content rating and commenting
          • New immersive video environment
          • Design Center with the most popular design information in one place

          Click image for full size.

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