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IP-SAN, NAS Software Solution Adds RAID-6 Support

The Storage Builder product line from Wasabi Systems, which includes solutions for IP-SAN and NAS, now has integrated support for RAID-6 storage systems. The result will be increased reliability and protection against dual drive failures within a RAID volume, according to the company. Wasabi also has implemented complete support for the AMCC 3Ware 9650E SATA II RAID controller family. When combined with the integrated WasabiRAID virtualization capability, Storage Builder can deliver RAID-61 and RAID-60 capability, further increasing overall system reliability and performance options.

The Storage Builder family of products offers complete, turnkey software solutions that allow OEMs to deliver high-performance IP-SAN (Internet protocol-storage area network) and NAS (network-attached storage) storage appliances using off-the-shelf server platforms. Storage Builder is both modular and scalable. Features of the RAID-6 configuration of Wasabi Storage Builder include support for large volumes, multiple-controller spanning for single-volume group sizes of up to 48 Tbytes, and hot-swap and hot-spare capability. The software also provides innovative design functionality that minimizes the RAID-6 write penalty, SMART disk-drive monitoring with e-mail notification, and support for a battery backup unit.


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