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Is it GPL if it quacks like a Duck?

Licensing has always been an issue but the advent of open source licenses such as GPL and BSD can cause headaches for managers and corporate VPs if the rules are not followed. Knowing what is and is not in a product is therefore a very useful feature and one that Black Duck Software’s ProtexIP can handle. ProtexIP is designed to identify the kinds of license associated with code used in an application. This can reduce business risks of using proprietary software when it is not desirable as well as identifying open source software that may have impact on proprietary software of a company’s software. The system uses a static analysis that can be incorporated into the build environment. It automates detection of source and object code and provides reports that highlight possible combinations that a designer may not prefer. The system is easy to use although setting it up to identify code developed locally can be a little more involved than using Black Duck’s built-in database. Related Links Black Duck Software

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