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Java Environment Serves Embedded Apps

An implementation of Java suitable for use on embedded systems is said to have arrived in the form of JENE, which is designed to comply with the industry specification for EmbeddedJava. JENE is further supported by the company's Embedded Virtual Machine (EVM). There are two primary and complementary components to JENE: JENE Runtime and JENE Suite. The former consists of the highly configurable and tunable EVM and JENE Class, which are embedded class libraries. JENE Suite consists of JENE Build, which are build-time tools for editing, compiling and browsing Java applications, and JENE Debug, which is a set of runtime debug utilities. The EVM offers the benefits of being small, fast and predictable in use. JENE is initially available for VxWorks and Windows CE and NT and for Hitachi SH, Intel x86 and MIPS.


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