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Java Resources

Java Resources

was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle). This page provides resources for Java and will be updated on a regular basis. Email me if you have additions or corrections.


Articles by Topic


Highlighted Articles

Some of my favorite picks.





JVM Vendors

Oracle Articles     Real time JVM
Sun Articles, by tag   Java Gets Smaller And Smarter Now part of Oracle
IBM Articles   IBM Java developerWorks Real time JVM
Atego Articles,by tag

Hands On Real Time Java - Atego PERC Real time JVM
DDC-I Articles   The RTOS Motto: On Time And On Budget Real time JVM
Aicas       Real time JVM

Open Source JVM

GNU Java       Includes GCJ compiler

Frameworks and Tools

Eurotech Articles, by tag
Videos Hands on Real Time Java Atego Perc  
Eclipse Articles Videos The Case for Eclipse  



Useful Websites


Site Comment
OSGi OSGi Alliance, manages OSGi framework
Eclipse IDE based on Java and OSGi framework

News and Forum Sites

Site Comment
Java Developer's Journal Regular Java ezine
Java Lobby News, summaries and forums
Oracle Sun Java Forums Developer forums
Java Forums Good programming tips
Part of Infoworld



Trade Shows

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