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Java Virtual Machine Doubles Speed

Java continues to gain on C and C++ in performance, as evidenced by the latest development from NewMonics of Lisle, Ill. The company's Perc 3.2 Java virtual machine and compiler effectively double the performance of its prior version, suiting it for higher-performance environments like routers and optical switches.

Perc 3.2 offers new VM management application programming interfaces (APIs). Developers can use it to optimize their application by monitoring and fine-tuning key information about threads, garbage collection, and time-space tradeoffs on-the-fly, similar to a real-time operating-system (RTOS) environment. Perc 3.2 also employs a generational garbage collector that can significantly reduce garbage-collection overhead in most environments.

Developers can tune a system based on Perc by using the PERC Shell, a telnet-based command-line control interface for the virtual machine. The shell lets developers run classes, set environment variables, create new class loader contexts, and fork background tasks.

A Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) class loader allows systems to dynamically download classes without requiring a network file system, thereby reducing the VM's memory footprint.

With the new Resource Archive support, compressed JAR archives of property, configuration, HTML, XML, and even class files can be added to a Perc image by the static linker tool ROMizer. Applications such as em-bedded Web servers can operate without a RAM disk or remote file system to store static Web pages.

More information about NewMonics' Perc 3.2 can be found on the Web at www.newmonics.com. Or, call the company at (630) 577-1590.

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