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JTAG Environment Integrates With Test Executives

With no prior knowledge of JTAG test, designers can integrate the ScanWorksAPI boundary-scan test application environment into custom test executives developed with tools such as National Instruments? Lab View and TestStand. A suite of virtual instruments (VI) and a dynamic link library (DLL) interface in ScanWorks to ease its integration into test executives created for Windows-based systems using tools such as VEE (Agilent Technologies), LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic, C++ and others. The API includes a suite of functions developed specifically to National Instruments? VI specification. These VIs provide an infrastructure that allows immediate integration into an operator interface developed with one of National Instruments? VI-compatible tool sets. A technician can then launch ScanWorks-generated boundary-scan tests from the test executive with which they are familiar. This eliminates to need to program basic functions such as connections to the ScanWorks environment, loading of ScanWorks projects, the execution of JTAG test actions or sequences, and error handling. Systems begin at $6,000/each. ASSET INTERTECH INC., Richardson, TX. (888) 694-6250.


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