Keil RTX RTOS Adds Power-Saving Mode To EFM32

Keil RTX RTOS Adds Power-Saving Mode To EFM32

Energy Micro’s Simplicity Studio tool suite now includes the Keil RTX real-time operating system (RTOS). The company extended the RTOS, optimised for ARM Cortex-M processors to provide flexible scheduling and high-speed operation, to enable an ultra-low power, deep-sleep mode between tasks. Referred to as a “tickless” mode, the extension allows the EFM32 MCU to wake up only when needed, either at a scheduled time or on an interrupt event. As a result, current consumption improves significantly over solutions using the SysTick system timer, which require a constantly running, high-frequency clock. With RTX RTOS, EFM32 users can enter a deep-sleep mode that consumes less than 1µA between normal active operations.

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