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The Stellaris LM3S811 ( Luminary Micro Delivers Low Cost Kit To Match $1 ARM-based Microcontroller, ED Online ID #14027) is Luminary Micro’s midrange ARM Cortex microcontroller. I’ll have more on Luminary Micro’s ESC chip announcements later but right now I wanted to talk about IAR’s KickStart Edition for this chip. It works with Luminary Micro’s M3S811 Evaluation Board (Fig. 1). The KickStart C/C++ compiler is code limited to 32Kbytes. This works well for this class of Cortex processors. The full version of IAR’s software has no limits.

The KickStart Edition is based on IAR’s Workbench that includes a C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, text editor, project manager and C-SPY debugger. The package also includes four evaluation versions of compact RTOS software including FreeRTOS.org from FreeRTOS.org uC/OS-II from from Micrium, CMX-RTX from CMX and EmbOS RTOS from SEGGER Microcontroller Systeme GmbH.

The Stellaris Peripheral Driver Library provides a convenient method of initializing, programming, and controlling peripherals for all Stellaris microcontrollers.

IAR was showing off a number of its other kits at ESC as well along with their IAR YellowSuite. This includes components from their other software products including visualState UML-compliant graphical state machine design tool (IAR's STR730 Kit Delivers Solid ARM7 Development Platform, ED Online ID #14774), the PowerPac RTOS (Tiny RTOS Takes Low Cost Per Developer Route, ED Online ID #13987), and, of course, the IAR Workbench. YellowSuite works with any of IAR’s ARM-based platforms.

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