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Kit Accelerates Femtocell Designs

Kit Accelerates Femtocell Designs

The company’s Quick Start Kit embarks as an optimized reference design for its LMS6002D multi-band, multi-standard RF transceiver for femtocells. The kit provides a simple way to evaluate and test the LMS6002D while the reference design provides a cost- and footprint-conscious RF design that integrates directly into femtocell designs. Software allows the transceiver to be configured to operate across any standard, frequency or bandwidth within the LMS6002D's capabilities, i.e., WiMAX, WCDMA, CDMA2000, and LTE at any frequency between 375 MHz and 4 GHz (continuous) in 16 user-selectable bandwidths up to 28 MHz. Lime Microsystems, Guildford, UK. +44 (0)1483685063.

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