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Kit Gets ARM Developers Up And Running Quickly

ARM microcontrollers are extremely popular with developers, but evaluating a chip can be tedious. Oki Semiconductor attacks the problem with its AME-51 ( Advantage Microcontroller Evaluation) Kit. It's based on the ML67Q4051 with 128-kbyte flash from Oki's 4050/4060 series ARM7TDMI-based microcontrollers. The $249 kit includes a fully functional Kick Start toolchain from IAR with the USB-based J-Link JTAG adapter. The toolchain includes the C-Spy debugger. Kick Start's only limitations are 32-kbyte C/C++ applications. Upgrades allow for 256-kbyte or unlimited size programs. A key feature is 1 Mbyte of SRAM for unlimited breakpoints. www.okisemi.com

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