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Lane15 Fabric Manager

Lane15 Software's Fabric Manager incorporates a complete InfiniBand management stack along with a policy engine and a Web-based management interface that uses Extensible Markup Language (XML). Third-party extensions plug into the fabric manager stack's API. OEMs can obtain a complete software solution from Lane15 including agent support with optional vendor-specific extensions.

Lane15 envisions incremental growth in its products, starting with device and subnet management in the first generation. Its second generation will address heterogeneous InfiniBand management with policy-based support. LDAP and Active Directory support will address multivendor naming service issues, security, performance management, and dynamic reallocation services.

Lane15 utilizes Unified Modeling Language (UML) for its internal development. This might give it an edge when addressing complex features, such as policy-based management, subnet partitioning, and routing security.

Lane15's development kit is available now. Royalties on software are negotiated on a per-contract basis.

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