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Latest LabVIEW Streamlines Creation Of Web Apps

Version 5.1 of the LabVIEW development environment for measurement and automation makes it easier for users to create Web-enabled applications. A new modular application architecture lets users create smaller executables to gain greater system performance and decrease memory usage. Also, the new version extends its use of ActiveX technology to seamlessly integrate the math and analysis capability of The MathWorks' MATLAB and National Instruments' HiQ.With the software's built-in Web tools, users can publish virtual instrument (VI) front panels on Web pages in seconds with no programming required. Users can share data quickly with other Internet-enabled applications without worrying about networking protocols or data formatting. A few simple VIs make it possible to publish and retrieve data using any number of clients, including LabWindows/CVI applications, Visual Basic applications, Java applets, and Web browsers.


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