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Latest-Version Development Kit Eliminates Assembly Coding

An upgrade to ROM-DOS 7.1 provides continued support of operating systems for embedded x86 devices. Because ROM-DOS 7.1 now comes with fully published long file name libraries, developers no longer need to use Assembly language to write support programs for those names. All programming can be completed using C-level function calls. Cutting out the need for writing support programs can significantly impact development time. The ROM-DOS 7.1 Software Developer's Kit allows developers to quickly and easily build Internet-ready embedded systems using only a 186 or higher processor, 60 to 90 kbytes of ROM or flash memory, and a packet driver or modem for Internet connectivity. Using the transmission-control-protocol/Internet-protocol (TCP/IP) stack within ROM-DOS, applications can have remote system control or alerts delivered via e-mail, pager, or cell phone. Also, ROM-DOS's secure Web server lets users view and control an embedded system from a Web browser. Application updates and data retrieval from the remote systems can be easily completed through the ROM-DOS FTP utility. The Remote Console feature works with Sun Microsystem's JVM environment to provide remote DOS console access to a remote system. The Developer's Kit is priced at $1250. A single-user version of ROM-DOS goes for $37.50, and it costs $1250 to update from the 6.22 kernel to 7.1.

Datalight Inc.
www.datalight.com; (800) 221-6630

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