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Lifecycle Management Solution Ready To Use Out Of The Box

As part of the company's overall application lifecycle management (ALM) solution set, Telelogic Change 4.7 is a Web-based and highly scalable software solution that provides problem tracking, change request, and workflow management across the enterprise. The solution is easy to use yet able to meet the scalability requirements of large and complex organizations. Web-based and customizable, Change 4.7 is ready to use out of the box and has a low cost of ownership and implementation. It includes:

• Proven Enterprise Change Processes co-developed with Philips Applied Technologies: These processes provide a low-risk process package with high return on investment for consistent change request and problem report management across the organization. They support process initiatives such as CMMI and quality initiatives including ISO 9000 and have been successfully deployed to over 900 users across more than a dozen sites.

• Functionality that promotes a more strategic approach to quality assurance: Historical data collection and reporting capabilities identify when defects were introduced; when they were found; how they will impact cost, quality, and delivery; and where process improvement will have the most impact.

• New integrations that support ALM, from requirements to code: Integration with Telelogic Focal Point and Telelogic DOORS Fastrak improves collaboration among stakeholders and allows large numbers of change requests and requirements from multiple stakeholders to be prioritized. This integration enables processes that are optimized for fast-paced development cycles, providing the most comprehensive ALM solution for all types of projects, from complex systems and software to agile development.


Telelogic Change 4.7 is available now. Contact the company for price information.


Visit www.telelogic.com.

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