Electronic Design

Line-Scan Industrial Camera Boasts 12k-Pixel Resolution

The UM8 is the newest member of Amtel’s AViiVA line-scan camera family. It features 12k pixels of resolution, eight taps working at 40 MHz, line rates reaching 25k lines per second, and a dynamic range of 64 dB. It also complies with the European Union’s Restrictions on Hazardous Substances directive.

The camera’s compact design optimizes heat dissipation and increases sensor-alignment accuracy. It includes fine-grain and offset settings, an output mode of 8 to 12 bits, flat field correction, and automated balancing of eight taps.

The AViiVA UM8 comes with a camera link configuration interface, and it’s compatible with most full-frame grabbers. Production for the AViiVA UM8 will begin in June 2006.

Atmel Corp.

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