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Linear LDO Regulators Extend Battery Life

Advanced Analogic Technologies' new line of low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators targets portable applications where miniature size and longer battery life are crucial. Comprising five members, the PowerLinear family offers two types of LDOs.

Applications re-quiring maximum battery life can use the AAT3220, the -3221, or the -3222. Each model has an extremely low quiescent current of 1.1 µA. Typical dropout voltage is only 200 mV at a guaranteed 150-mA output current. The AAT3221 and -3222 have an enable pin to activate a shutdown mode for power savings. All three provide output short-circuit, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection, shutting down the LDO in the event of extended overcurrent.

For noise-sensitive RF communications and mobile systems, the AAT3215 and -3236 have minimal noise, fast transient response, and high power-supply ripple rejection (PSRR). The AAT3215's dropout voltage is 140 mV with a guaranteed 150 mA output. Typical quiescent current is 95 µA. The AAT3236 offers a 300-mV dropout at a full 300-mA load current. Its quiescent current is 100 µA. Both models boast a PSRR of 70 dB at 1 kHz and 50 dB at 10 kHz.

The AAT3221 and -3222 come in five-pin SOT23 packages. The AAT3221 is also available in an eight-pin SC70JW. The AAT3220 comes in three-pin SOT23 and SOT89 packages. The AAT3215 and AAT3236 come in five-pin SOT23 or eight-pin SC70JW packages. In 10,000-piece lots, the AAT3236 costs $0.55 each, and the AAT3220 costs $0.26 each. In similar quantities, the AAT3215 costs $0.33 each.

Advanced Analogic Technology Inc., www.analogictech.com; (408) 524-9684.

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