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Linearized Thermocouple Conditioner Provides Application Flexibility

The 4120 linearized thermocouple conditioner is a dual-channel module that provides signal amplification, nonlinearity correction, and cold-junction compensation for thermocouple outputs. A thermocouple's millivolt output is converted into a 0- to 10-V signal that's linearly proportional to temperature. A programmable voltage reference is provided for internal self-test and automated user calibration. Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T thermocouples are supported, covering a range from ­100ºC to more than 1750ºC. Each channel can be configured individually for use with any of the eight thermocouple types. Pricing is less than $480/channel in a 32-channel chassis.

RC Electronics Inc.
www.rcelectronics.com; (805) 685-7770

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