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Linux Initiative Has Embedded Market In Sight

BlueCat Linux, a version of Linux optimized for embedded applications, is a key element in a new initiative targeting the embedded market. The open-source product and support services initiative includes four other elements: an open-development environment for the Red Hat Linux host; new technical support, consulting, and training services for Linux developers working in embedded applications; endorsements from over 20 software and hardware vendors in the embedded-computing market; and version 4.0 of the LynxOS operating system, with full binary compatibility with Linux.

BlueCat Linux is based on Red Hat version 6.1, containing the Linux 2.2.12-20 kernel. It will be shipped with the company's open-development environment, which is able to create variations of the embedded Linux operating system based on user requirements.

LynxOS 4.0 is a multithreaded, full-featured operating system that can run Linux applications for real-time embedded applications. This release extends the power and flexibility of the LynxOS to include portability of Linux drivers, protocol stacks, and other software applications. Since this version won't be ready until mid-2000, the company's open-development environment is now available with LynxOS 3.1. Applications developers can use this to create real-time applications from within the context of a Linux operating-system platform. Developers can employ the company's interactive development and debugging tools while working on a Linux-based workstation to cross compile on their embedded microprocessor.

BlueCat Linux is available free from Lynx, while the Lynx open-development environment for the Red Hat Linux host is priced at $6995. Both products are available now.

Lynx Real-Time Systems Inc., 2239 Samaritan Dr., San Jose, CA 95124; (408) 879-3900; fax (408) 879-3900;

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