Electronic Design

Linux L2/L3 Middleware Targets Multicore Solutions

6WINDGate EDS and SDS software from 6WIND addresses telecom applications such as wireless infrastructure. The EDS version enables Fast Path implementation as a Linux kernel module between the Linux networking stack and the interface drivers. The SDS version takes advantage of the Multi-Core Executive Environment (MCEE). Also, the EDS version targets quad-core x86 processor platforms and runs on platforms such as Cavium’s MIPS64- based multicore Octeon family with Fast Path support. 6WIND software incorporates dual-IP control plane protocols, Slow Path and Fast Path data plane modules with built-in IPv4-IPv6 routing, security, quality of service (QoS), filtering, multicast, mobility, and IPv4-IPv6 transition. 6WIND provides an XML-based management system with continuous synchronization between all planes.


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