Electronic Design

Protection Blades—The SS1000 PCI-based server blade is the host for OmniCluster's $599 SlotShield firewall that runs Red Hat Linux and Check Point's firewall software. It supports other operating systems like Windows 2000 as well.

Soft partition support provides an SCSI-like interface and enables diskless boot operation. TCP/IP drivers also provide network support over the PCI bus for managed access using NFS or Samba.www.omnicluster.com

Keeping Devices Up To Date—Red Hat Managed Services has graduated from an Internet-based service to a server-based solution that can be a satellite to the Internet service. Initially used to deploy Red Hat Linux updates, the Network Proxy Server can now deliver almost any content to Linux-based nodes.

Although the Network Proxy Server is targeted primarily at server and workstation updates, it works equally well with embedded Linux devices. The Satellite option lets updates from Red Hat's Manager Services be forwarded to embedded devices. www.redhat.com

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