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Linux OS, Tools Support Freescale Multicore Comm Platform

MonteVista Software Inc. is adding support for Freescale Semiconductor's new Multi-Core Communications Platform to its MonteVista Linux and developer tools. The operating system (OS) and developer tools will take advantage of Freescale's multicore architecture to enable device designers and embedded applications developers to create products that are faster, better integrated, and more power-efficient. The MontaVista software already supports dozens of Freescale processors. MontaVista Linux Professional Edition supports Freescale's MPC8641D Dual Core today and will support the MPC8572 Dual Core e500-based Power Architecture processor later this year.

MontaVista's operating system and developer tools provide a platform for design teams looking to leverage the power of open-source Linux for rapid product delivery on Freescale processors in real-time systems. Design teams benefit from full maintenance and support on the thoroughly tested MontaVista software, which has shipped in more than 40 million units worldwide. Risk factors are dramatically reduced because MontaVista continually tests, hardens, and integrates community bug fixes and patches.


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