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Linux Software DVD Player Now Available To Manufacturers

LinDVD, a Linux software DVD player developed by InterVideo, provides users with a fully licensed, legal DVD player for use on their Linux platforms.

The software targets makers of embedded Linux devices such as home entertainment equipment. Presently, InterVideo is negotiating with Linux vendors like Red Hat, SuSe, Caldera Systems, and Corel to bundle the software. While the program isn't an open source, the company plans to publish the program's application programming interfaces (APIs) to promote customization.

LinDVD software runs high-quality video at the full video frame rate with integrated CSS copy protection. It operates on a number of platforms, including an Internet appliance box based on the SiS 630 chip set, a VA Linux 420 Station with the i810 chip set, and the Dell Inspiron 5000 notebook with ATI Rage Mobility graphics. It also supports a video graphics vendors and devices like the SiS 630, the Intel i810, the ATI Rage family, and the Matrox G200 and G400.

Currently, LinDVD software is offered only to manufacturers for program evaluation and integration. A retail version will debut this quarter. Users will also be able to download the software from InterVideo's Web site. Pricing for the software is set at $29.95.

InterVideo, 47350 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538; Internet: www.intervideo.com.

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