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Low-Cost Card Enters Data Acquisition Mart

Well-suited for use in power systems, battery chargers, and various mobile applications, Firecard 20/24 is a low-cost data acquisition card that includes control and removable storage capabilities. The compact, 3.5"W x 2.4"H x 0.6"D card is powered by a Z-180 24.5-MHz processor and numbers among its several memory devices a socket for 1 MB removable flash memory cards, 64K of SRAM, 8K of EEPROM, and 32 bytes of RAM with battery backup. Firecard 20/24 hosts a number of other features, including an 8-channel, 12-bit A/D converter; two resistive 8-bit ladder DACs; two PWM 8-bit converters with buffers; 10 digital I/O lines; two serial ports with RS-232 drivers; a clocked serial output for a printer; a real-time clock with battery backup; and a regulated 5V supply. The card can operate from a 5.4 to 16 vdc supply and is available with development software.


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TAGS: Mobile
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