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Low Cost I/O Module Rides The USB

The DT9817-H, a data acquisition digital I/O mini-instrument for USB 2.0, joins the company's ECONseries modules that provide high-drive digital I/O capabilities. It is said to be ideal for applications requiring a large number of high-current outputs. Providing 28 programmable digital I/O lines, the module is based on TTL emulations and will sink 64 mA, or source 15 mA at standard logic levels. A second version, the DT9817, is available that will sink 10 mA and source 2 mA. Otherwise, it is identical to the DT9817-H. Both configurations include one counter/timer and come with GO! measurement software. Prices for the DT9817 and DT9817-H are $149 and $179, respectively. DATA TRANSLATION INC., Marlboro, MA. (508) 481-3700.


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