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Low-Pass Filter Enters RF And Microwave Markets

Designed for both RF and microwave applications, the S-Band planar surface-mountable, low-pass, thick-film filter measures 0.442" x 0.184" and 0.030" thick. The component’s specified passband is up to 2.5 GHz with a passband ripple of 0.01 dB. Minimum second- and third-harmonic rejection is 25 dB. It incorporates a total of five sections, which includes a 50Ω input and output. Vertical standing wave ratio (VSWR) of the filter is 1.1:1. Target applications include wireless local area networks, microwave communication links, radar systems, and wireless sensors and controls. For further information and pricing, call IMS, Portsmouth, RI. (401) 683-9700.

Company: IMS

Product URL: Click here for more information

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