LPCXpresso Platform Aligns With mbed

LPCXpresso Platform Aligns With mbed

According to NXP, Version 2 of LPCXpresso development board now fully supports the ARM mbed platform, which provides free software libraries, hardware designs, and online tools that help accelerate prototyping of ARM-based products. LPC and mbed developers can access hardware schematics and open source software available through both the mbed.org and LPCWare.com communities. Such support facilitates exporting of projects from mbed to LPCXpresso environments, and there’s a greater selection of MCUs and prototyping features.

The LPCXpresso development platform features an Eclipse-based IDE and flexible target boards; the boards incorporate features such as Arduino UNO shield connectors for flexible expansion, including Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The latest LPCXpresso toolchain (v7.1) enhances compiler optimizations, IDE speed, and feature sets; accesses ARM’s latest lib-nano C library for smaller and more efficient code generation; and supports Segger’s popular debug probe and related utilities.



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