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Mac-Switch And MINI-PCI Adapter Bolster PC-104+ Apps

For embedded PC-104+ designs, the 4I71 is a stackable PC/104+ card that combines a 100 BaseT Ethernet MAC with a nine-port switch while the 4I72 embarks as a quad type III Mini-PCI adapter for the PC/104+ (PCI-ONLY) bus. The 4I71 promises to eliminate the awkward power or mechanical problems common to consumer type Ethernet switches. Its eight Ethernet ports support auto negotiation, allowing connections with half- and full-duplex, 10 and 100 BaseT devices plus auto MDX, eliminating the need for crossover cables. The Ethernet MAC is a Micrel 8842P featuring hardware TCP checksum calculation. Drivers are available for most operating systems and the switch has sufficient bandwidth to support full duplex wire speed connections on all ports. The 4I72 allows deployment of four Mini-PCI cards, i.e., IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN cards, in a PC/104+ system. It employs a PCI bridge so that only one PC/104+ slot is necessary. The PCI bridge also isolates the Mini-PCI cards from the system, allowing the use of MiniPCI cards in systems with 5V busses. Jumpers select which PC104+ slot the 4I72 occupies. Prices for the 4I71 and 4I67 are $147 and $108 ieach/100+, respectively. MESA ELECTRONICS, Richmond, CA. (510) 223-9272.


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