Management Software Solution Accelerates ATCA System Integration

Management Software Solution Accelerates ATCA System Integration

Artesyn Embedded Technologies says a new software solution for its ATCA systems could cut time-to-market up to 40%. When using the System Services Framework (SSF) system-management suite, users or applications can configure and monitor hardware and software elements of a single ATCA shelf or across multiple shelves. Its graphical user interface facilitates viewing of system configuration, event, and alarms, and provides a means of configuring switches or payload blades and managing system access. The SSF incorporates XML and command-line interfaces in order to access system parameters and controls. Functionality can be enhanced with Artesyn and third-party add-on software modules. For instance, the company’s ViewCheck offers in-service and out-of-service diagnostics of ATCA blades and other system elements. Furthermore, the FlowPilot add-in would instill packet load balancing.


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