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MCU Design Contest Will Award Large-Screen TVs

Texas Instruments is holding an MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) eZ design contest through October 9, 2006. Contestants may submit projects ranging from practical everyday devices to industry-specific solutions that show off design skills using the company’s low-power MSP430 MCUs and development tools, including the new eZ430-F2013 USB stick-based emulation and development tool.

Contestants are invited to submit their original product designs along with elements including design schematics, MSP430 MCU firmware, technical diagrams, block diagrams, pictures of finished and incomplete designs, or videos of running hardware. All of the design entries must use the MSP430 MCU as their main processor. This very low-power controller can be used for 8- to 16-bit battery-powered applications, including metering, portable instrumentation, intelligent sensing, and consumer electronics.

Judges will focus on innovation and the best use of on-chip MSP430 MCU features to determine first place, second place, and third place. The winners will receive a 61-, 50-, or 42-in. Samsung digital light projection (DLP) HDTV, respectively, along with free entry and lodging for the fifth annual MSP430 Advanced Technical Conference (ATC) in Dallas, Texas, November 7-9, 2006.

For additional instructions on how to enter the MSP430 MCU eZ Design Contest, eligibility, design selection process, and notification, see www.ti.com/designmsp430.

Get more details on the MCU and its development tools at www.ti.com/msp430.

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