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MCU Family Adds 50 More Members

A major expansion, the R32C/100 Series 32-bit MCUs adds 50 devices with on-chip flash memory and peripheral sets for automotive and other applications. The latest members provide speeds up to 64 MHz, FlexRay and CAN Controllers, and up to 1 MB of flash memory. The first devices come in 100-pin packages, the 64-MHz R32C/120 and R32C/121 groups for body-control systems. Next are the 144-pin, 60-MHz devices in the R32C/133 and R32C/134 groups that enable X-by-Wire applications that use electronic control to manipulate mechanical systems. The third set will be the 144-pin, 64-MHz chips in the R32C/151, R32C/152, R32C/153, R32C/156, and R32C/157 groups, which include devices with up to 1 MB of flash memory. Last will be the 80-pin, 48-MHz devices in the R32C/160 and R32C/161 groups, which are simpler, lower-cost MCUs. Sample prices range from $10 to $20 each.

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