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MCU Family Suits Fieldbus Gateways In Process Control

The R5F64186NFB and R5F64186DFB from Renesas Technology incorporate a high-performance 32-bit CISC CPU and a 32-bit single-precision floating-point unit.

Renesas Technology America Inc. has introduced the R32C/118 family of microcontrollers with two devices that incorporate 512 kbytes of flash memory, plus an additional 8 kbytes of data flash area. Both devices feature the R32C/100 high-performance 32-bit CISC CPU core, which runs at up to 48 MHz. The R5F64186NFB has an operating temperature range of –20°C to 85°C. The R5F64186DFB version has an extended temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. Their 32-bit single-precision floating-point efficiently handles signal-processing tasks often required in factory automation applications, such as running control-loop filters and connecting legacy fieldbuses like the Foundation fieldbus and Profibus.

The R32C/118 devices are successors to and upward-compatible with the 32-MHz M32C/80 series in the M16C family and can run existing M32C/80 software. The newer chips use the same 100-pin leaded quad flat package (LQFP), are pin-compatible, and provide better code efficiency and higher throughput. The MCUs also have new and enhanced peripheral functions and an expanded operating voltage range. As a result, customers can improve system performance simply by upgrading from an M32C/80 device to an R32C/118 MCU. The 8 kbytes of data flash can be used for storing programs and eliminate the need for external EEPROM. Another 40 kbytes of RAM are available for handling larger programs.


The R5F64186NFB and R5F64186DFB will be available in September. Sample prices are $11.50 for the R5F64186NFB and $12.75 for the R5F64186DFB.


Visit www.renesas.com.

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