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Media Processor Drives DVD Recorder

The DVD recorder market is hot, and LSI Logic's DoMiNo media processors are fanning the flames. The DMN-8604 and DMN-8654 target such popular worldwide consumer electronics.

The DMN-8604 is an entry-level chip designed for single-drive or VCR/DVD recorders with analog tuners. It also can be used in tunerless devices that typically will sell for less than $99.

The DMN-8654 is designed for dualdrive hard-disk/DVD recorders. The chip adds a pair of USB 2.0 host interfaces and a pair of Ultra DMA 100 ATAPI interfaces. It supports an external serial flash memory suitable for adding copy-protection-support for VCPS (video content protection system).

The chips support MPEG-4 and DivX Pro encoding and decoding as well as 480i/480p analog video output. They additionally support LSI DVFX processing technologies. All major optical disk formats are supported too, including single-and double-layer media. The available Yes Video YesDVD software provides dubbing and indexing features, making LSI Logic's package a complete solution that requires minimal customization.

LSI Logic

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